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 Post Bariatric Surgery

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You will Successfully Reach Your Goal Weight Post Bariatric Surgery

By understanding the following:

  • Understand correctly how your Bariatric surgery will support you
  • How to get the most out of your surgery to feel satisfied for longer on less food and not seek restriction, as it is not the purpose of surgery.
  • How to avoid the stretch factor, so weight loss is easier
  • How to meet your nutritional requirements in the most calorie efficient manner without needing to eat when not hungry
  • What the ideal balance and portions of foods should be and not count one point or calorie
  • How to lose weight without being perfect.  Perfectionism will guarantee you failure.  Therefore  lose weight without dieting.
  • No longer be locked in by meal plans, but rather be guided by these instead
  • How to manage non-hungry/emotional/boredom eating
  • No longer allow the number on the scales control your emotions and eating habits

Yes, it Really is Possible to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

After many attempts to lose weight, Helen understands how life can get to the point of feeling defeated as you may begin to believe that weight loss for you has fallen into the too hard basket.  It may appear that it is easier to do nothing rather than even try anymore.  

Having had Weight Loss Surgery of the Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve, Rouxen-y bypass or the mini gastric bypass, the degree of feeling defeated can be escalated as another attempt has not worked for you.


What are you struggling with?

  • Not reaching your desired weight loss goal
  • Losing weight too slowly
  • Old habits sneaking back in causing weight regain
  • Having regained all of your weight plus more

This E-book will help you to?

Feel satisfied for longer on less food
2 week meal plans are provided for the Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve, Roux en y bypass & the Mini bypass.


Become emotionally more in control to squash cravings 
An audio of the book is available 


Enjoy the freedom of losing weight and keeping it off with a non prescriptive approach


Some Frequently Asked Questions

The E-book package will provide you with the following:


  • a copy of the The Bauzon Bariatric Solution E-book
  • an audio version of the E-book
  • 2 week meal plan for the (Band, Sleeve and Bypass)
  • 20min video to manage non-hungry eating video
  • 20min video to understand how to maximize all surgery types to feel content for longer

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Helen Bauzon's 20+ years Bariatric Experience

Helen has worked in the area of weight loss surgery since the year 2000 and has successfully consulted thousands of individuals as a Bariatric Dietitian.  The secret to success is a multifactorial approach to work in partnership with your Bariatric Surgery.  Market research conducted by Helen Bauzon and presented at the OSSANZ conference in New Zealand, demonstrated that individuals struggled to lose weight and meet their nutritional requirements, because there was a miss- understanding of how their Bariatric Surgery was to support them, resulting in dissatisfaction post surgery.  Helen has conducted multiple market research surveys to assess the communities needs and has created her education and support based on their direct feedback, to get results.

Helen personally has not had weight loss surgery, but she completely understands the associated challenges with the negative impact of dieting.  Once she learnt to stop dieting in her 20's (She is now in her 50's) she won the battle and no longer has big oscillations in her weight.

Combining this relatability with over 20plus years of Bariatric Coaching, she completely understands your needs.  This is the reason why Helen is often asked if she has had weight loss surgery.  If you are wondering, no Helen has not had bariatric surgery, but would be open if required in the future.

Helen's passion is to provide education using the KISP principle.  Keep it simple and practical.  She completely understands and respects the knowledge and experience you have living with your weight loss surgery.  It looks like you are seeking more, better or different support to what you have already received.  Welcome to Helen's community of care, passion and loyalty.