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Stop Dieting, Diets Make You Gain Weight

 Instead, Eat a Little of Everything, Guilt Free


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Are you fatigued of trying to lose weight and still struggling?

  • Are you fed up with only losing weight via radical diets?
  • Do you constantly think about which diet to try next to lose weight?
  • Do you continue to gain weight every year?
  • Are you getting close to just giving up, because it is getting all too hard to even try?


Helen's passion, is to teach you how to stop dieting, stop counting calories or points.  Instead to learn to eat a little of everything guilt free. 

This practically means to be able to portion control the ideal balance of foods visually when eating out socially at a restaurant, friends or families homes, in fact anywhere is the world. 

There will be no food you need to avoid.  This is the reason Helen's clients often comment after their first session, "Is that all there is to it, that's pretty easy". 

These principles will also relate to managing your diabetes and high cholesterol levels also, as weight loss is central to your improvement.  

To help you get started, Helen recommends you download the weight loss guide which will help you with:

  1. providing a 2 week meal plan, to visualize how you can eat a little of everything
  2. Portion control the healthy fats 
  3. Portion control treat based foods

This will help you understand the principles of how to eat a little of everything and not avoid carbohydrates, chocolate, brie or cake.

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