Assess The  Health Of Your Website

To Double Your Income, 

In Your Health Business

 Working 10-20 hrs less per week


Learn how via a simple 3 step process

For Dietitian, Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Lifestyle Coach or Allied health



STEP 1 : Assess the ability of your website, to grow your Health Business.

Step 1

By completing the online checklist, you will immediately obtain an impression of how you could adjust your website, to help you grow your health business, to make more money and work fewer hours.

Click here, to assess the ability of your website, to grow your Health Business

Step 2

On completing your checklist, Helen Bauzon will be in touch with you within 48hrs, to discuss the findings and guide you to get started to meet your business goals

Step 3

You are welcome to join Helen's free online community support of like minded business owners.  The more we know of each others skill set, this will support cross referrals. 

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Working as a Dietitian, Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Lifestyle Coach or Allied health

Do you experience the following problems in your health business? 

  1. You have too many gaps in your business that you desire to fill up
  2. Your clinic is at capacity and you want to be able to service more clients, but work fewer hours
  3. You desire to double your income, working 10-20hrs less per week

 If you answered yes...

It's time to stop making the three core mistakes by running a traditional health  practice …


You Can Create A Better Work Lifestyle Balance, You Deserve by

Working 10-20hrs less per week, while doubling your income and providing a better client experience, by achieving the following:

(1)  Create a website that automatically grows your database and communicates effectively to your ideal client, to solve their problem and shine your zone of genius via attraction marketing

(2)  Progress from offering only one to one servicing, to one to program and many

(3)  Diversify your income streams within your health business up to 5-7 different means 


You are likely to become increasingly more frustrated and dissatisfied, with your work life balance.

There is a risk that you will give up just before you could make some adjustments to your health business and achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.  

Fatigue is a guaranteed.  I remember back before I adjusted my nutrition business to work for me, I was absolutely spent in conducting only individual consultations with the classic medical model.  I had hit capacity, but I needed to keep going, as I love what I do to service my clients.


I'm Helen Bauzon

Dietitian, Author, TV Presenter, Motivational Speaker & Business Coach.


You are an expert at what you do, to part your knowledge onto your clients.

My expertise has been educating clients, way beyond the traditional medical model of just individual consultations.  Using technology in the background allows me to offer program packages with unlimited support and not be inundated with too many inquiries.  This is due to using an automated program to conduct the required education in the background, to support the client at each step of their journey, in addition to individual and group education and support.  This is the perfect balance for the  best client outcomes and financial outcomes for you.

Over the past 20+ years I have perfected this system.  You may think how can unlimited support be provided and you or your staff not be overloaded with inquiries?  There certainly is a guaranteed way to achieve this.

Market research has guided the successful development of this program, with a 90% patient retention rate and clear preference over just individual appointments.

With over 20years experience, I can help you double your income and work 10-20hrs less per week.

Automating  Your Education & Support online...


You may be thinking where do I start? 

With so much to teach you, lets take the process in bite sizes, to save you becoming overwhelmed.

Your first step is to assess the health/ability of your current business structure to support you, to double your income and work 10 -20hrs less per week

By completing the online checklist, this will highlight what you can adjust and how to improve your current website.  Helen will then be in touch within 48hrs to discuss this further with you

Click here, to assess the ability of your website to grow your Health Business.



Below is some feedback from business workshops and client experiences

Helen’s work shop was informative very inspiring and helpful. After the workshop, we felt motivated to implement all the great ideas for our business. Thank you for your time Helen.
Regards, Ebru and Brett
Business Attendee
Thanks for your generosity with the time. You have a unique skill set and I came away inspired. I need a couple of weeks off now to action everything!
Thanks Jocelyn Clarke
Business Attendee

Helen provided practical, easy-to-follow guidance that I could apply immediately to help create a growth in my private practice business. She is very approachable, down to earth and has lots of knowledge on how to fast-track your business growth. I would certainly recommend her services.
Thanks Ola Luczak Business Attendee

I can't thank Helen enough for her personalised approach to providing me with the clarity and steps to optimise my website into a powerful tool to attract, engage and support my target audience. 

She took the time and energy to understand the unique aspects of my business and through 1-1 discussion (on all aspects of my business) she tailored her recommendations accordingly and in steps that I can understand. Now I am in the process of implementing these, I am so excited to see the final result. 

Helen has the technical expertise to understand how to optimise your website as well as the know-how to understand how to optimise your business as whole. I highly recommend Helen to any small business owner who is looking for sound business advice from someone who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in multiple areas of business, the bonus will be the support to optimise your website.

Thank you Helen, I am truly grateful!

Caryn white

Certified Coach | Mentor | CPA | Empowering Women to Navigate the Corporate Chaos 

Business Client

Helen is an amazing operator! She has the ability to able to communicate and identify key problems within a process.

Not only does she have a superpower to be so inviting and approachable, she is able to breakdown and simplify the solutions. She is so easy and fun to work with. 
Always providing amazing value 
Thank you Helen 😊

Karim Boctor

Master Hypnotherapist for Leadership, Helping breakthrough your team’s mental and emotional blockages for Infinite Growth & Opportunities

Business client

I went through all your materials yesterday and can see the importance of them. I feel so relieved now.

Issues that were worrying me have now been answered. I read and re-read them until they sunk in.

I think it’s a wonderful source of information and I can always re-visit at any time.

Obviously, I’m still a little nervous, however as with all surgeries, understandably.

I also listened to the forum and have to say everyone was so supportive of Rob which made me feel at ease.

I thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me, I know I’m in good hands and I can come to you at any time.

Have a great day! ☺

Regards, Georgia

Recipient of health program

Hi Helen

The meeting we had with you pre-surgery was very informative. I found it a lot better being in a group rather than one on one. More so because others brought up questions that I hadn’t even thought of.  You let us know all of the information in a clear and easy to understand way and you were able to answer all of our questions and put my mind at rest that I was definitely doing the right thing for me.  I knew 100% that this would finally get me to where I wanted and needed to be.

You also provided us with the booklet to take home to read with all the info we needed.  I used that as my bible every step of the way!!!

– The meetings are so necessary to us all on an ongoing basis.  The follow up support is crucial!!!   One minute you could feel on top of the world and the next you are doubting yourself because things hadn’t gone as you expected them to.

Especially a year down the track.  In the early months you need guidance on what to eat, what not to eat,  how much to eat,  when to eat it and when to drink. Later on,  it becomes a totally different dynamic. You know all of the above,  but the questions that run through your head are quite different, and are crucial to your ongoing success. You just need to connect with others,  ask your questions about stability, negative thoughts,  being able to eat more later on and how you worry about that,  and get the feedback needed.  Whether you’re heading in the right direction so keep going, or tricks and tips on what you need to do to get back or stay on track.  It can be a fine line.   If we don’t stay in touch with you and the group meetings,   your head can be your worst enemy.

– I think just knowing you are there when needed is vital and the best bit about everything.


Thanks Debbie

Recipient of health program

After seeing My Surgeon on 5 Feb 20, I was somewhat in shock and didn’t know what to expect, after making contact with yourself i was put at ease, you sent me the required info to help prep me for before and after surgery, that in itself was very valuable with the information provided both written and media, your information package was easy to read and understand, without this i would’ve been lost and under prepared for surgery.

After surgery i was a little confused in what to do however with your consultation I was put back on track, with both zoom and tele conferences all bases were covered in the requirements to move forward. The ongoing support you provide through zoom and tele conferencing is an invaluable tool. During your monthly meetings questions posed to you are always answered in depth and in very easy understanding responses which have helped me throughout my first 12 months, I can say unequivocally that my journey has been without any issues and has in my view been text book, I can also say this would not be the case if I didn’t have the on going support of your program, thank you.

I personally have found the monthly Zoom and Tele meetings to be a very integral part of the program, for me its a time to listen to others share their experiences and with that I will always learn from others different ways to help myself. These meeting bring together others with a common goal who share their experiences, and with that I can say there has not been a meeting where I have not taken something away to incorporate in my journey to keep me on track, this is infact a very invaluable tool for not only my journey but others, I have no doubt.

Thanks Barry

Recipient of health program

     Assess The  Health Of Your Website


To Double Your Income, 

In Your Health Business


Working 10-20 hrs less per week



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By completing the online checklist, you will immediately obtain an impression of how you could adjust your website, to help you grow your health business, to make more money and work fewer hours.

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